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    My name is Paola Dimauro and I'm an Italian astronomer currently based in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My scientific work is mainly focused in studying Galaxy Evolution employing the data available in big surveys. I am also a member of the team in charge of putting in place the survey J-PAS, being this my main responsablity as a Post-Doctoral fellow working in the Observatorio Nácional de Rio de Janeiro.

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  • First Author Papers

    Coincidence between morphology and star-formation activity through cosmic time: the impact of the bulge growth [Dimauro, Daddi et all 2022] ADS link

    The structural properties of classical bulges and discs from z~2 ADS link

    A catalog of polychromatic bulge-disk decompositions of ~ 17.600 galaxies in CANDELS ADS link Catalog web page

  • Contributions

    JWST reveals a possible z∼11 galaxy merger in triply-lensed MACS0647 − JD [Yu-Yang Hsiao,T.; Dan,C; ..., Dimauro,P. et all, 2022 ] ADS Link

    Testing the key role of the stellar mass-halo mass relation in galaxy merger rates and morphologies via DECODE, a novel Discrete statistical sEmi-empiriCal mODEl [Fu,H.; Shankar,F.,..,Dimauro, et all, 2022] ADS Link

    JWST Imaging of Earendel, the Extremely Magnified Star at Redshift z=6.2 [Welch,B.; Coe,D.; Zackrisson, E. ,..,Dimauro,P., et all, 2022] ADS Link

    Independent Evidence for earlier formation epochs of fossil groups of galaxies through the intracluster light: the case for RX J100742.53+380046.6 [R.Dupke,Y. Jimenez-Teja,..,Dimauro, et all, 2022] ADS Link

    A highly magnified star at redshift 6.2 [Brian Welch, Dan Coe, et all, 2022] Nature Link Nasa press release

    The bending of the star-forming main sequence traces the cold- to hot-accretion transition mass over 0≤z≤4 [Daddi,Delvecchio,Dimauro, et all, 2022] ADS Link

    Photometric and Morphological Analysis of Fornax Galaxies through S-PLUS [Smith Castelli, et all, 2022] ADS Link

    From naked spheroids to disky galaxies: how do massive disk galaxies shape their morphology? [Costantin et all, 2022] ADS Link

    Extending the evolution of the stellar mass-size relation at z≤2 to low stellar mass galaxies from HFF and CANDEL [Kalina V et all, 2021] ADS Link

    A duality in the origin of bulges and spheroidal galaxies [Costantin et all, 2021] ADS Link

    An environmental dependence of the physical and structural properties in the Hydra Cluster galaxies [C.Dias et all, 2021] ADS Link

    Bulge formation through disc instability - I. Stellar discs [T. Devergne, A. Cattaneo, F. Bournaud, I. Koutsouridou, A. Winter, P. Dimauro, G. A. Mamon, W. Vacher, M. Varin et al 2020] AA Link

    Deep learning for galaxy surface brightness profile fitting ADS Link [Tuccillo et al, 2017]

    Mass assembly and morphological transformations since ∼ 3 from CANDELS ADS Link [Huertas-Company et al, 2016]

    The Morphologies of Massive Galaxies from z ∼ 3: Witnessing the Two Channels of Bulge Growth ADS Link [Huertas-Company et al, 2015]

    A Catalog of Visual-like Morphologies in the 5 CANDELS Fields Using Deep Learning [Huertas-Company et al, 2015] ADS Link


    Euclid preparation. XXV. The Euclid Morphology Challenge -- Towards model-fitting photometry for billions of galaxies [Merlin et al 2022] ADS Link

    The miniJPAS survey: a preview of the Universe in 56 colours [Bonoli et al 2020] ADS Link

  • Conference presentation

2022-Today: Post-Doc, Osservatorio Astronomico Roma, Italy

2019-2022: Post-Doc, Observátorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2017-2019: Post-Doc, Paris Observatory, Paris France

2014-2017: PhD - Observatory of Paris, France

2014: Internship - Observatory of Monteporzio, Rome, Italy

2011-2014: Master degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics - University La Sapienza, Rome

2007-2011: Bachelor degree in Physics and Astrophysics - University of La Sapienza, Rome

Earendel, The Morning star

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